Efficient and Intuitive
Data Analytics Platform

Access, query, transform, and schedule data from multiple sources using a single SQL interface. With improved processing and easier to use.

Ensure Cost-Effective Analytics

Analyze data from one or more sources confidently, free from pricing concerns.

We process data efficiently based on its type and storage source, to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Operate with Simplicity and Clarity

Utilize SQL-centric approach for querying, transforming and scheduling.

Use advanced business functions and AI-powered auto-completion for easier and faster scripting

Finally, find all necessary data and transformations via a single interface, covering all your data sources.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Retain full ownership and control of your data – we don't store it on our servers.

Moreover, all operations on our platform are exportable with a single command, ensuring independence with no strings attached.

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A Single Interface For All Your Data



Easily connect to all your data sources:
Across multiple clouds and different regions. 



Directly engage with the most reliable data, stored anywhere, using the universally known SQL language.



Link up with your favorite BI tool to extract and interpret key insights. 



Effortlessly automate everyday tasks with the platform’s built-in orchestration features. 


What Clients Say ​

Utilize data efficiently from start to finish

Analytics On Data Stored Anywhere Through a Single Interface

Connect seamlessly in Hybrid Environments: On-Premise and Multi-Cloud. 

Connect to your on-premise servers and cloud services as one cohesive platform for smooth, secure data operations on a flexible infrastructure. 

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Diverse multi-database querying using SQL

Effortlessly run a query across multiple platforms using just one SQL statement, eliminating the need to juggle between different products, interfaces, or specialize in unique technologies. 

Unlock the potential of data, empowering a wider range of team members to leverage it effectively. 

Streamlined Task Scheduling and Data Flow Management

Experience the simplicity of scheduling tasks and building flows. Rely solely on SQL to schedule tasks periodically or set predecessor conditions.

Tasks are capable of reading and analyzing data from multiple sources and writing back to varied data destinations.

Control and secure data​

With a unified security architecture, you can manage users and groups effectively.

Gain enhanced control over who has access to what data using a single view, define tailor-made access to meet the specific needs of different users or teams.

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